Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kyndra 13th Birthday

K- Kindred heart
Y- Yes, Another Teenager in the home, but has a sweet heart.
N- Notty or Nice? Nice to those around her.
D- Daddys Girl!
R- Radiant.
A- An Angel of heaven. She has a very strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Turning the Big 1-3. We wanted to it to be a special day.She has made some great friends here. Her day started out with the house decorated with tiolet paper and love notes on the door. In the afternoon they took her to their house for a little party and a movie and then came back to our house to go swimming. Later David and I took here to dinner of her choice. Which was Red Loster. since she has never has a loster she wanted to give it a try. She enjoys seafood like her mother. Her and I shared a meal and she really really loved it. Then we came home for cake, which was German Choc. Cake with homemade frosting. It was sure yummy. She is so much fun to be around and and is so funny. She is full of confidence and Love. She is a huge help to me. We all love her.

Josh Boy Scout Troop had to retire a flag so we had a special Pack Meeting. It was a special time and to remember our troops and the freedoms that we enjoy in this great land.
Bellas new thing is stacking the food in the pantry. She goes swimming almost everyday and is learning how to swim and the sides of the pool are SAFE. She is now swimming with a life jacket. She will be our youngest swimmer. I'm so thankful for that, since we have a pool without a fence.

Friday, April 8, 2011

California sun

For Spring Break, we took the kids to California to spend some time with the Hydes. It is sure nice to have some family close by. While we were there, we were able to meet up with our friends the Kauers, who were also on Spring Break. We spent a wonderful afternoon with them at Huntington Beach, playin in the sand and surf. We all at lunch at Ruby's diner at the end of the Huntington Pier. We had a wonderful time with them, and decided that the 2 1/2 years that had passed since we had seen them last was too long and we need to plan another get together soon. It is so nice living here in Arizona, where we have access to so many wonderful activities. We are already enjoying regular weather up into the 90's and our pool is warming up nicely. We know we can expect some really warm days ahead, be we have learned to kind of like the heat.

It's Bella Time

Our sweet Bella. She has such a funny personality. She is almost 2 years old. Where did the time go.

Let's Play Ball

Michael is playing Baseball with older kids. We signed him up with his own age group but found out we was playing with 4 years old. We thought he would get bored so we moved him up. He is on a coach pitch league ages
7-9. He is doing so good and having no problems with hitting and catching, but he does have a hard time when to run. So we are always yelling " Run Mike Run" He runs so fast. He's so cute. We knew he would do great. Mike is good at everything. We just love him.

St. Pattys Day

Our little leprechaun came again this year. He left a trail of candy and his tresure chest behind for the children to find. They look forward to this. We had green waffles and a green drink for breakfast. Later we invited Debbie and Farrel Francom who lives in Gilbert and their daughter Lindsey who was visiting, came over for an Irish green Dinner. We have been enjoying our time with them. They are so sweet.

Hailee turns 11

This year for Hailees Birthday we took her out for dinner. She decided to go to outback. Then we took her out shopping. We went to a few store. She had a blast. We tried on some fun clothes and she able to get a few outfits. Now since sheis getting older its harder to pick clothes out for her. We then went home for cake and ice cream.

On the Move again.. Arizona here we come.

We moved to Arizona in february. We are very excited to be back in the warmer climate. It took two days to get here from missouri. Our house was not ready for us to move in so we stopped at the Hydes for about a week. The weather was nice so the cousins played in the pool for hours. Its so nice to have family close. We have seen the Hydes about every month or every other. Its about a 6 hour drive to California.
Kyndra has found a friend (Emily)that lives up the street about 6 houses. Its so nice to live around so many members of the church.
Our house is about 4200 sq feet 5 bedroom plus an office and 3 bathroom. The rooms are all good size with walk-in closets. And live 50 feet from the church and the kids School. Josh, Kyndra and Hailee have their own rooms. They are super excited. However Kyndra is sleeping on an air mattress for the time being. We didnt have any extra beds. Since we had to get rid of more of our things again. The truck we came down with was smaller than other two. So for now we will make due of what we have. We are just blessed to be here. I just got called into primary helping with the Activity Day girls. We have 25 girls and 4 leaders. Wow!. David is asigned to help out with the Temple attendance. There is word that our ward will be split within 90 days. So we will see many changes coming.